Sunday, November 9, 2008

Up Close and Personal - Harbour Seals in Oak Bay

<If you are looking for something exciting to do travel to the Oak Bay Marina. For most of the year, there are a few harbour seals that call the fish table their home. When you head down the ramp to where the boats are docked, just below the ramp is a fish table. Anywhere from 3-5 seals generally hang out there looking for an easy meal. Since many buses stop there on their city tours, these seals have it pretty good. So good in fact that the only seem to eat herring. The Marina sell fish bait and for $2.00 you can buy a small pack of herring. The seals seem to love it. You are reminded that these are wild animals and not to hand feed them or you might get bit. The do, however act very tame. If you are ignoring any of them, the might let you know by slapping the water with one of their flippers. They are very cute and seem very gentlle. This is one of a few places in Victoria where you can see and experience wild life face to face. Bring your camera.

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