Monday, June 21, 2010

Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew West of Victoria Vancouver Island,

Botanical Beach is one of my favourite places on Vancouver Island. At low tide a whole shelf of the rocky coastline is exposed leaving hundreds of large tide pools. We took Don, Betty and Dan there to share it with them. It is such a phenomenal place you have to see it to believe it. Check out my pictures. Click Here. The scenery is spectacular and you are standing on the west end of Juan de Fuca Strait looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Across the Strait you will see the American shore of Juan de Fuca Strait around Neah Bay. The scenery is spectacular. There is generally lots of wave action and the tide pools are amazing. You need to go on a low tide, the lower the better. You can go on any tide below 3 feet and you should see lots. The spring and summer are the best times because the low tides occur during daytime. Have fun and be sure to look at the pictures.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guadalajara Mexico with Linda and Ron

This is a video we created to share our experience in Guadalajara Mexico. Enjoy

Ron and Linda's Adventure in Puerto Vallarta

We recently paid our first visit to Puerto is a short video of some of our experience.