Saturday, December 13, 2008

Butterfly Gardens

On the way to Butchart Gardens, you will pass right by the Butterfly Gardens. Far to many people miss this great attraction. For just a minute fraction of the cost of a trip to Costa Rica, you can enjoy a tropical jungle experience right in greater Victoria. Just 20 minutes from downtown and you can immerse yourself in lush tropical plants, get up close and personal with tropical birds, fish, flamingos, and of course a host of butterflies. There are displays around the gardens and the whole place is very accessible. Don't forget to check out the incredible orchid display. Check out the video and then follow-up with a visit. This is a great indoor attraction and a great back-up plan if the weather goes bad.

Monday, December 8, 2008


If you follow my city tour it will bring you to the University of Victoria. The grounds at the University of Victoria are beautiful and a highlight of a campus tour certainly would be the Finnerty Gardens. The are lush year round and they explode with color in the spring which can begin as early as February and last through April. In the summer the garden is a lush as it will get. There are lawns to relax on or benches where you can sit and contemplate life. It is a wonderful garden with names of plants and flowers on signs. If you love gardens, you will like this one. The video will give you a bit of an idea what the garden is like.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cathedral Grove - MacMillan Provincial Park

Located between Parksville and Port Alberni and just after Cameron Lake is one of the most accessible stands of giant, old growth Douglas Fir in BC. They are located right next to the highway in MacMillan Provincial Park. The stand is called "Cathedral Grove". The pathways are gentle and accessible. It is a peaceful place and a location where you can get in touch with the awesomeness of nature. Some of these trees are over 800 years old. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Secret Sea Lion Cave Trail

When you travel west past Sooke, between Mystic Beach and Sombrio Beach there is a trail that leaves the Juan de Fuca Marine trail and drops down to the water where there is a land based Sea Lion Cave. The trail to the sea lion cave begins on the Highway to Port Renfrew on a forestry road. There is a bright yellow gate that marks the start of the trail. 2km down the trail you step off into the bush and begin a descent down to the water. It is rugged and has a bit of danger requiring you to be careful. When you get to the water there is a cave that sea lions use during the winter months. They begin leaving the area each spring around April or May. Enjoy the video.