Saturday, November 29, 2008


One of the best things to do in Victoria is to take a walk out onto the Breakwater on Dallas Road at the Port of Victoria. This half-mile concrete protection for the Inner Harbour allows you to walk strait out into the ocean which is about 110 feet deep at the end. You will see divers along the outside of the breakwater as it is an excellent dive site with great sea life. It is a reserve and divers cannot take anything from this dive site. You may see seals, sea lions, whales, countless sea just don't know what a visit into the ocean will surprise you with. It is a very special place. At low tides there is a beach next to the breakwater. There is also a dive shop and restaurant at the entrance to the breakwater. Locals use the breakwater to fish from as well. There are kelp beds along the breakwater and they are home to lots of fish. Enjoy this special place for outdoor activity. Enjoy the video. In the summer, as many as 4 cruise ships can be birthed at the port of Victoria which is right next to the breakwater. It looks like a small city when they are there. The restaurant has some good treats, give it a try also. It is quite the place in a storm. It is good to stay off the Breakwater when the wind is blowing strong.

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