Thursday, November 6, 2008

Butchart Gardens World Class Attraction

Just 20 minutes from downtown Victoria is a true world-class tourist attraction. Butchart Gardens is incredibly beautiful and very professionally operated. The facility is very capable on handling the large crowds that visit the gardens throughout the year. Even the parking lot is highly organized and efficiently operated. There is a gift shop, several places to eat, and during the summer months, every Saturday there is an exceptional fireworks show. In December everyyear, the gardens are lighted with thousands of Christmas lights. It is quite a spectacle. The gardens are made up of a series of different gardens from the beautiful grotto to the Japenese or Italian gardens. It just does not get any better than this. There is a large fountain on one of the lakes in the gardens that can be seen in the attached video. It is beautiful in the day and also at night, so you might want to go in the afternoon and stay into the evening until dark. Butchart Gardens in undoubtedly the best attraction and most popular attraction in Victoria British Columbia Canada.

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