Thursday, November 6, 2008

3-Hour Sail - An Ocean Tour

There is a sailboat anchored in the Inner Harbour with a sign on it that says, 3-hour sail! No, this is not a trip to Gilliagan's Island but it is a lot of fun. You will get a "crow's nest" view of all the happenings in the Inner Harbour as you travel out to Juan de Fuca Strait and back into the Harbour. Then under sail, you will travel down the coast and see what takes place in Juan de Fuca Strait and you will see the spectacular Olympic Mountains in Washington State. On the way back in, we had great views of Mount Baker towering over Victoria. It was a lot of fun as you will see on the video. The quiet and peacefulness of a sail in the straits is just a wonderful experience. The boat, Thane, is made of recycled materials and it is a replica of a historic sailboat. The sails are a rusty red in color and you may see the boat in the strait if you check. This tour is highly recommended.

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