Friday, November 7, 2008

Salt Spring Island Saturday Market

Visitors to Vancouver Island often ask which of the Gulf Islands they should visit. The largest and most active of the Islands is Saltspring. It has the largest population and it is the only Island that has a significant town centre, Ganges. During the spring and summer months they hold a Saturday Market in the square by the ocean. It is quite large and has displays and booths with products for sale from crafts to garden vegetables. There are places where you can buy something to eat or drink. There is entertainment for your enjoyment. There are lots of nearby restaurants and shops to visit as well. Just up the road is Artspring, a community hall filled with the works of artists and artisans. The market draws a large crowd of locals and visitors and it is lots of fun.

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islandwahine said...

The community hall you are referring to is Mahon Hall, which hosts ArtsCraft, the arts and crafts fair. ArtSpring is a performing arts theatre.